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Based on the breakthrough in biotechnology with our product Nu*Aqua we have developed the product Nu*Aqua, by additions of specially balanced plant extracts. This product is completely soluble in water. Nu*Aqua is a unique product made ​​from plant extracts which the enzymes contained therein act as catalysts and also stimulate the growth of bacteria. These bacteria convert the digestive process in the organic substances into force without damaging or hazardous substances remain. The product is a complex mixture of micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements.

Other benefits of the product are:

  • Long shelf life
  • Not aggressive to humans, animals and plants
  • Partly because Skal and Eco friendly (non-toxic)

Basis of application

In all locations where water treatment and water purification take place, such as regional / international water treatment plants, industrial water treatment plants, storage tanks, water flow systems, this system is a high population presence of micro-organisms (bacteria) that absorb and digest organic substances. In many cases, however, the activity of these bacteria is significantly slowed or totally come to a halt in some instances to environmental pollution. In order to find the treatment passage, it is therefore important to operate the bacteria. Normal For this, a catalyst is indispensable. NU*Aqua is an excellent means to this end. These include Nu*Aqua brings the micro-nutrients back in position to stimulate optimum propagation of aerobic bacteria (bacteria which are dependent on oxygen).

Nu*Aqua can also activate bacteria that have the ability to act as Aerobic bacteria.

Application possibilities

  • The elimination of bad smell (H 2 S)
  • Cleaning and purifying water treatment in all forms
  • Cleaning of industrial wastewater and natural water pollution
  • Clean water pipes and water-transit stations
  • Stabilizing fluctuations of oxygen in the water
  • Cleaning and purifying tanks and storage tanks
  • Cleaning of closed cooling systems


Nu*Aqua may be administered to existing systems in several ways. In order to bring the natural cleansing process will be initiated at the start a kind of feedstock injection with Nu*Aqua are given (also called a “start up”) in order to obtain an optimal effect. After this ‘start’ period we only need a small daily or weekly amount to add to keep it for yourself.

Nu*Clear can be added, for example via a spray system, a hand-held spray pump or a metering pump, in different ways. Nu*Aqua leaves no harmful residue behind after drying, there remains a tiny film layer behind the new accumulation and deposits of dirt. Nu*Aqua can also be used for the cleaning of aluminum, chromium and stainless steel, without leaving any harmful substances.


Standard dosage in wastewater:
1 : 10,000

Dosage in heavy pollution (for example oil):
1 : 25 to 1 : 2,500

Other information

Nu*Aqua is manufactured by means of special techniques, to which a newly discovered cell stimulator is added. it contains no bacteria or chemicals and this distinguishes the product of other chemical or bacteriological products. Under normal conditions of storage Nu*Aqua can be stored for at least two years. The product contains a specially designed stabilizer that becomes active after introduction in the polluted environment. Nu*Aqua is now being sold worldwide through Nunepro and its sales agents.


Operation of Nu*Aqua in sewage processing settings
The use of Nu*Aqua provides a biologically stable environment and effectuates the best impact on the sewage processing plants. Nu*Aqua can be used in any existing wastewater treatment plant, it is safe and economical.

Diversity in wastewater flows

Installations have different streams contaminated wastewater presented for processing: domestic sewage effluent, industrial polluted water (process water, cooling water), waste from the food processing industry and many other manufacturing companies. For adequate cleaning of all these currents are therefore increasingly specific methods; that means increased costs, because each different bacteria are needed. Also, it may be necessary to remove certain bacteria from the waste water, because otherwise odor emissions occur or deterioration of concrete and equipment occur. In addition, the quality of the biomass (sludge) is to be monitored, since it ultimately affects the quality of the effluent.

Many wastewater treatment facilities contend with odor problems, such as hydrogen sulphide, which regularly released under anaerobic conditions, for example in fuel. Microbes which are responsible for the degradation of substrates in anaerobic conditions change sulfur containing components in hydrogen sulphide, using oxygen.

The sulfur cycle is a very important step in the waste to decompose , and it is necessary for the survival of different organisms. Unfortunately, while there is a free product, namely hydrogen sulfide, which most naturally present bacteria can not survive the toxic nature (toxic nature), which reduces the biological activity.

Traditional methods: effective?

To counter this negative process nowadays there are different (traditional) techniques used by the wastewater processing bodies. Chemical oxidants, including flash, salts, and peroxides can execute effective control over the creation of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), provided that they come in direct contact with the H2S-molecules. This typically results in high operating costs since there is often about doses is necessary in order to obtain good control.

Another technique to prevent H2S formation is the addition of sufficient oxygen by aeration. Aeration in sewage processing plants is of great importance and is usually made ​​possible by placing giant air blowers or fans in the holding tanks, or by the construction of lakes to keep the fluctuation of oxygen at levels , which are relatively expensive methods, although most cases, aeration is less costly than the addition of chemicals or bacteria. However, this does not always smell combat or eliminate. The problem with aeration is, that the aeration propellors the hydrogen sulfide in the air bladders in anaerobic water – which is of course the cart before the horse.

Prevention is better than having to intervene

Wastewater processing settings bring the traditional solutions mentioned above only in contention when there is already a problem. NU*Aqua contrast, treats the source and eliminates factors, before they can cause a problem.


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