Nu*Lof | Fertilizer

Nu*LOF is made from plant extracts and is completely soluble in water. It comes in high concentrations (specific gravity 1.27 ) and therefore with large amounts of water miscible.

The composition of the enzyme is such that it promotes both the natural and healthy development of the root system when the system above the ground. This is an essential difference with fertilizer, mostly focused on that part of the plant that is necessary, however, the plants grow this fast but it is an unbalanced, unhealthy growth.

Plant extract

Because Nu*LOF is based on plant extracts it contains in addition to the naturally balanced ratio of major elements and trace elements as natural growth stimulators. The power supply and the transport thereof to the ends of the plant may be achieved by the strengthening and expansion of the two types of vessels ( xylene and phloem ). These tanks deliver water containing dissolved salts and nutrients from the roots to all parts of the plant. They also carry juice with products of photosynthesis and the so-called plant hormones up and down. When applying Nu*LOF crop will visibly healthier and more powerful impression.

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