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NU*Pure is a unique, bacteria free, organic Bio catalyst with the capacity to turn large amounts of animal manure into high-graded fertilizer for agriculture and horticulture. The product contains highly concentrated plant extracts and can be mixed in with large quantities of (animal) manure, regardless its origin.

Its effects show similarities with homeopathic medicines. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable liquid concentrate, safe for animals, plants and human beings, and can easily be applied by pumping or spraying.

Apply NU*Pure to the animal manure stock and process into dry or liquid fertilizer –
the result is a high quality fertilizer. Not only does it contain the necessary
minerals, it is abundant with trace elements (that are missing in artificial
fertilizer) and with micro biological life. All of these elements contribute
positively to growth and development of crops.

Clearly, all living organisms, each with their own needs, cannot do without their
specific nutrients and trace elements. Tests have proved that some soil types no
longer contain or are even lacking some of the essential trace elements. This
deficiency can be corrected through the use of Nu*Pure, with its biologically
neutral and non-toxic components.

How NU*Pure works

During normal degradation processes in manure, elements like ammonia (NH3-N),
ammonium (NH4-N) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are being released. These elements
hinder the natural mechanism of mitosis (cell division) and evoke offensive odors.
This is what happens in stalls, livestock and poultry confinements and when
spreading manure out over the fields.
NU*PURE enters into a reaction, activating bacteria within the manure, which turn
nitrogen into nitrogen compounds and inhibits ammonia development, as specified
below. The conversion process of the harmful elements ammonia and stench:

1.Ammonia and ammonium
NH4+ and NH3+ transformed into NH4-HSO4 and NO3

2 Stench
H2S and H2So3 transformed into CaSO3, NaSO3 andKSO4

When comparing soils on which untreated manure has been applied to NU*Pure treated
manure application, there are significant differences.

The use of Nu*Pure:

  • Clearly reduces the wash out of nitrates
  •  Also reduces wash out of phosphates and heavy metals to the ground water, because the absorption of nutrients by crops is being facilitated.
  • In the manure depot, will strongly reduce emission of ammonia (by some to 93%)

Other effects are obvious but will depend on:

  • Temperature
  • Air flow
  • Surface of the manure depot
  • Motion of the emission emulsion
  • Relative humidity
  • The chemical reaction between urea and other organic nitrogen compounds

Environment friendly – reduced ammonia emission

Why choose NU*Pure?
To elucidate this we must look at the present environmental problems related to the
surplus of animal manure. For the last decade, manure has been regarded as one of
the greatest polluters of the environment. However, the supposed negative effects of
animal manure can be cut back thoroughly. Other advantages when using NU*Pure are:

  • Reduction of ammonia emission by some 50 to 93%
  • Less offensive odors in stalls and out on the fields
  • Nutrients will no longer be washed out
  • No nitrate wash out to soils

Positive effects when using NU*Pure treated manure

  • Effective use of nutrients and organic matter
  • Slow release nutrients
  • Quikening of crop growth
  • Increased harvest
  • Improved soil structure
  • When spreading manure, grass lands don’t get burned, whick leaves more grass food
    for the winter perios
  • No manure injecting machines needed
  • No extra stock facilities needed
  • Liquid manure can be sold as high quality fertilizer
  • No need to use chemical fertilizer
  • Larger quantities of manure can be spread

In this way, the cattle breeder will contribute positively to our environment.

Now what is the exact function of NU*Pure? To enhance better understanding of this
we supply some scientific and chemical background information.

Natural cycle

The bio-technological processes in the production and upgrading of organic matters
are depending on the presence of microorganisms. Biologic growth and decomposition
processes are always part of the ‘closed’ natural cycle. This cycle can exist based
on the synthesis of organic matter from mineral compounds of plant structures by
means of photosynthesis, causing the user’s organism to effectuate a reversal
(oxidation, dismantlement, conversion, evaporation, and decomposition).
Each types of organism its own specific metabolism; and each type will only use part
of the organic matters that are present within the food chain. Excreted products of
one organism form the basic product for other organisms. Essential is the balance of
all elements in an ecologically stable and clean environment.
Sometimes the natural cycle can be disturbed by internal elements such as extra cell
growth, or by external actors like environmental pollution, resulting in disruption
or delay of the biological process. At that stage, harmful elements such as
ammonium, ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, alkaline acids can originate, causing
offensive emission. Emission ‘smells’, literally. When untreated types of manure
(slurry, faeces, sludge, waste water, compost and guano) are kept under anaerobic
conditions, the micro biological and plant life processes will first be slowed down
(depending on mass volume and time duration), before the transformation takes place.
Not only have the resulting offensive odors a harmful effect on man and animal, they
also disturb the micro biological soil life, in quantitative as well as qualitative

Description of technical aspects in fertilizers

There is a better, more natural way to all this: NU*Pure could be the solution for
livestock breeding in the present situation where more and more strict regulations
are in force. Opting the NU*Pure solution is advantageous to all parties involved:
cattle breeders, cattle, crops and environment.

Current agriculture fertilizing adds main (macro) as well as trace (micro) elements.
The presences of macro elements (N, P, K, S, Ca, and Mg) are essential for crop
growth and for the osmotic process. They enhance concentration level differences
that start the suction process inside the plant needed for the internal transport of
nutrients. Trace elements (B, Mn, Zn, Mo, and Fe) are only needed in very small
quantities, and act as catalysts in various physiologic processes. Trace elements
are part of organic matters with extremely strong effects even in the smallest
concentrations, such as enzymes, vitamins and hormones.
There is insufficient knowledge about trace elements and their specific function,
but it is clear that they have great influence on the chain of processes taking
place inside vegetation. Referring to the ‘Law of the Minimum’, this will imply that
the growth factor, when in a state of minimum, will determine the final harvest
output. Trace elements at present form the limiting factor, the factor being in a
state of minimum, like a chain’s strength is being defined by its weakest link.

NU*Pure’s specific role

As indicated earlier, trace elements play a much more important role in the current
fertilizing methods than assumed until now. To improve the assimilation of trace
elements, needed of several microorganisms, for the assimilation and conversion
processes. Application of
NU*Pure creates an environment that activates and stimulates microorganisms, thus
quickening processes and optimizing the balance.

We have learned to distrust and disregard some microorganisms because of their
negative effects on crops (decay, rottenness, withering). But, plants shall never
develop sufficient resistance against these ‘bad’ microorganisms as long as the
plants are not in vital condition. Sufficient resistance can only be acquired with
the aid of ‘good’ microelements that make trace elements available for plants,
canceling the ‘Minimum State’. The weak link will be gone, and it is right here,
where NU*Pure plays its prominent role.

Ecologically safe products of Nunepro

The overall philosophy of Nunepro is to protect and safeguard nature and its flora
and fauna. Disruptions in the natural ecological balance are bound to occur and will
continue to happen. Events like natural disasters or population differences can
however be conquered by nature’s own self-healing capacity. Only in cases where
chemical products can contribute in a positive way to this capacity can we apply
them on a strictly regulated basis.

Not only from ecological points of view but also from practical economic views, it
is the ambition of Nunepro to strive for pure biological processing of organic
matters into recycled products that are ecologically safe and non-perishable.
Nunepro has acquired international fame with its Bio-technological discoveries,
processes and developments. The company offers solutions that activate natural and
biological systems applied in soil sanitation, purification of drinking water,
wastewater treatment, fertilizer production, recycling of raw materials and biologic
production of plants. The products of Nunepro consists of pure plant extracts
enhancing the natural microorganisms to produce their own enzymes without generating
harmful intermediary products. All of Nunepro’s products advances the natural
self-supporting Bio-technological degradation process.

The metabolic system

As indicated before, various harmful processes (for example ammonia NH3-N, ammonium
NH4-N and hydrogen sulfide H2S) hinder the natural mechanism of cell division
(mitosis). These processes are common in stables and when spreading manure out over
the fields. The products of Nunepro will convert unassimilated amino acids directly
into nitrate (NO3-N) thus avoiding the energy and time consuming procedure in the
chain process:

Protein/urea CO(NH2)2/ammonia NH3-N/ammonium NH4-N/nitrite NO2-N – nitrate NO3-N.

This process prevents the interim production of enzyme degrading and/or emission
stimulating factors.

It has been proved that with the help of ‘activators’, as Nunepro calls its
products, a complete degradation of organic matter is feasible. Fact is that all
chemical-technical applications in the manure-processing industry have failed (they
all seem to need lengthy fermentation/composting periods). The use of pure,
vegetable-based stimulators will render application of chemical products
superfluous. Combined use of both methods therefore is not possible.
The custom of increased application of so called ‘improved’ pesticides and
herbicides, the deterioration of atmosphere and environment, and the growing surplus
of harmful and often useless organic matters that cannot be disposed of, are no
longer to be tolerated. Constant and often unnecessary and overdosed spraying of
chemical products not only kills unwanted weeds and vermin but also affects
beneficial plants and organisms. By-products of man and animal are showing a volume
increase and composition that cannot be controlled anymore, having negative effects
on the environment. Agribusiness purely based on the input of chemical result in
over-cultivated animals and plants, without any resistance, that could not survive
without the chemicals.
This result in a rising amount of diseases, explosive growth of bacteria, viral
diseases and insects, being both cause and result of infections spreading over wide
areas, forcing man again and again to keep applying chemical products.

Nature products and ‘natural’ products

The ‘Green Philosophy’, based on the exclusion of external products or resources in
agribusiness etc., originates limited and non-scientific terms like ‘natural
products’, when in fact the most optimal end result can not be reached when certain
factors are absent. Nunepro on the other hand strongly pleads for a well-measured
balance of necessary production factors with an optimal proportion of natural
factors. Because of this balance the yield will be clearly higher in quantity. In
quality as well as quantity, well-balanced products are equal to the ‘natural
products’ of the ‘Green Philosophy’. Nunepro therefore rather calls these products
‘more natural’, because our activators guarantee the complete conversion of manure
into fertilizer and contribute positively to the soil’s environment. NU*PURE will
avoid negative processes during this conversion.

To underline our statements here is what application of Nu*pure will do:

  • It avoids lengtthy degradation processess and subsequent capital demands and / or man capacity demands
  • It prevents the use of harmfull or toxic (chemical) products
  • Complete and purposeful application of division and recycled products
  • Reduction of stench during the process, production and application
  • High storage capacity of the recyceld products without value loss

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