Nu*Plus | Odour Control


Worldwide organizations are being confronted regularly by the authorities with more and more environmental measurement regarding odour emissions. If we talk in particular about organic and inorganic smell, the use of NU*PLUS will give a solution for this.

NU*PLUS is a plant extract based on enzymes. It is non-toxic and harmless for human and animals.
As NU*PLUS is fully natural, it can be used environmentally and drained.
NU*PLUS is completely soluble in water and dilutions are depending on the odor composition in the area.

Enzymes make contact through haze (sprayed NU*PLUS with nozzles) with the odour molecules in the gas phase.
Because of this activity, the smell is neutralized and not masked.
Certified odour measurements have proved that with the enzymes of Nunepro it is possible to decrease the odour percentage by more than 90%, in case of organic or inorganic smell.
The use is at low costs, easy to handle and the costs are completely controllable.

NU*PLUS can be sprayed at several places and manners.
Direct spraying over the odour emission sources.
Spraying in gas channels and chimneys.
Treatment of gas by spraying in separate enclosed space.
As haze curtain in front of doors etc., to avoid leak emission.

Where can NU*PLUS be used?

  • Slaughterhouses
  • Mash producing companies
  • Destruction companies
  • Food producing companies
  • Waste – and compost companies
  • Fish – and meat producers
  • Fat melting houses
  • Animal resorts
  • Season producers and vegetable drying companies
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • All kind of other companies with odour emission of organic or inorganic origin.

Which are the advantages with use of NU Plus ?

  • Low investment costs
  • Costs for operation can easily be controlled
  • Very high result with decrease of smell
  • Quality of wastewater is being improved
  • No addition of extra odor units to make odor more acceptable
  • No maintaining costs and reliable
  • Weather depending use is possible
  • Switch on and switch off on demand
  • Dosage can easily be established
  • Environmental friendly
  • Harmless for human and animals
  • Can be used in doors as well as out doors

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