The unique combination of plant fractions, -derivates, -extracts and aromas with active ingredients, that stimulates the immune system, protects the mucous membrane,encourage the enzyme activity and production of lactic acid in the gastro-intestinal tract. In addition to these effects the content of herbs stimulates the appetite. To be used for all species of domestic animals in feed or as topdressing.

A brand new concept without international documentation yet. Official testreports for mixture in pigfeed available.


Nu*Arome is a natural aromatic and appetite stimulating feed additive containing plantfractions, – derivates and -extracts in mineral and vegetable carriers.
Nu*Arome appears as a greenish free flowing powder with a distinct smell of herbs.

Mode of action

The active ingredients are ultra-effective diet fibres, beta-glucans and glycans, that stimulates the immune system – protects the mucous membrane – increase the enzyme activity and the production of lactic acid in the gastro-intestinal tract.
Furthermore the content of herbs stimulates the appetite.


For all species of domestic animals we advise an admixture of 2 kg Nu*Arome® p/ton of complete feed. Used as topdressing we advise 5 gram p/kg of the daily feed.

International documentation

Nu*Arome® is a brand new concept for biological additives. Research and development carried out by dla in the past 3 years have led to the actual formulation of Nu*Arome®. Some of the active ingredients are well known and internationally documented as immunostimulators or regulators of the digestion.
Practical and official tests are still and continuously performed in the feeding of pigs, poultry and cattle to detect new positive effects and develop the concept.

Official trials

Trials performed by The National Committee for Pig Breeding have shown positive effects in the prevention of diarrhoea and economic output in pig production.
Results in report no. 384 states that admixture of Nu*Arome® in the starter and piglet feed reduces the frequency of diarrhoea from 47 to 11 p.c.
Results in report no. 419 states that admixture of Nu*Arome® in the growing/finishing period improved the performance and economic output with 17 p.c.
In herds affected by Regional Ileitis (PIA) admixture of Nunepro’s aroma’s has shown promising results in the prevention and cure of this severe problem.

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