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NU*MARINE is a natural product with nitrogen fixing enzymes, Amino Acids and a large amount of natural compounds like nutrients that provide an enriched growth of microorganisms through formulated microbial carriers. These carriers are natural compounds of plants and weeds extracts and are generally recognized as safe, natural and environment friendly and not genetically manipulated which have the ability to treat water under different conditions. These microscopic organisms are used in aquaculture for prevention and control which makes it possible to enhance water and soil conditions to achieve high grade soil and good plankton profile.

Water systems

NU*MARINE can be used in different water systems such as lakes, rivers and water reservoirs. Bioremediation is what they call it and is a modern technique that uses the existing bacteria to enhance biological life in what they call *dead water*, or in new started ponds to created a optimal level of microbiological life of these existing bacteria which mostly are destroyed or inactive because of the use of chemicals. The activity of microbes is depending on the fertilization and a balanced environment. Many microorganisms are present in different kinds of soil and are depending on conditions such as temperature, pH level, alkaline, light and salts and the availability of food supply. The old fashion way of fish and shrimp farming with the use of different chemicals has proven that the most useable microbes are dead and should be therefore considered as a waste in your fish or shrimp ponds, which makes breading more difficult. Waste like feed additives and dead planktons are laying on the bottom of the pond and therefore a problem for microorganisms to grow and to achieve a better soil condition as well as the condition of the water. All organic and dead organisms are waste and will infect the process of putrefaction and decomposition, this decomposition needs microorganisms for nitrification (oxidation of the nitrogen), to convert proteins to unionized ammonia to convert nitrites to nitrates which is beneficial for the growth of plankton.

Ponds and lakes

There are many ponds with a culture which are not optimal to achieve a better growth. Many times there are to high levels of ammonia, nitrites and sulfides and these may be stressful or even lethal to the culture which implicates more need of microbes. There are many microbes such as pseudomonas, salmonella, etc, which can easily infect the stressed crop and makes the environment for the crop imbalance. NU*MARINE is supplying the ponds, lakes, rivers and holding-tanks with natural antibiotics from the soil bacteria, enzymes which will further inhibit the growth of pathogenic microbes innate in the soil or imported water or organic waste and minimizes stress. NU*MARINE gives a better assimilation process of the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes cycle which will increase the animal resistance from stress.

Benefits of the product

  • Converts animal waste and feed into high grade fertilizer which will promote the growth of plankton.
  • Eliminate odor of the environment by absorbing gases like
  • Hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and convert them to organic acids
  • Decrease of animal stress
  • Increase plankton level and prevents plankton to collapse
  • Prevents sludge build up
  • Increases the resistance of the animals against diseases
  • Improving feed conversion ratio
  • A better and faster growth of the animal

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