About Us

Nunepro developed a wide range of products, based on natural ingredients. The aim of these products is to bring pro-nutrients extracted from plants, to be included in feed formulation. The pro-nutrient concept was born in the early fifties, when the antimicrobial resistance began to be well known. The definition of pro-nutrient is a micro-ingredient administrated by oral route in small amounts that have physiological and microbiological activities that differ from other nutrients in feed formulation.

Nunepro’s natural line of additives offers a number of nutritional supplements based on plants that are an excellent alternative to chemical coccidiostats and antibacterial growth promoters. Lactation, fertility and immune system promoters can also be found. This is really unique since the normal and natural biologic processes have almost completely disappeared (or at least supplanted by chemical surrogates) in vegetable and animal nutrition.

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